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Mozilla SVG

Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

So I finally had some tuits today to look at making foafnaut work in the mozilla SVG implementation, it wasn’t as hard as I expected, the DOM was much more complete - there was a couple of minor DOM issues, like rootElement not being supported - but most of the time was spent on developing wrappers to getURL, parseXML, postURL and printNode.

Useful it was too, as I think I can get them supported in mozilla directly by the script, I sent in a patch. Other than that, there was a couple of namespace issues where I’d been naughty (but neither batik or ASV wanted to hurt me for it).

So well done mozilla SVG guys, it’s really coming on great.

View the Mozilla SVG foafnaut

XML HTTP Request object.

Monday, September 27th, 2004

I’ve updated the xml http request request page after a bug report from Stefan Strigler, (thanks!), and to give details about Opera’s new implementation available in the 7.60 preview release.

Unfortunately Opera’s implementation, is buggy and incomplete missing the ability to set headers - at the moment, you’ll need lots of steps to overcome the bugs, but I’m sure they’ll complete a compatible implementation before a full release of 7.60, at the moment, I’d rather it wasn’t there.

The talks that didn’t happen…

Monday, September 13th, 2004

I’m going to do a full write up of the conference some time soon, but while I remember, here’s a few of the talks I wanted to see but didn’t get a chance too, as the presenters couldn’t make it.

Up first, as I mentioned was Locus (PDF report) hopefully we can get the source code for it, as it’d be great to run this at SVG Open 2005, where the university is covered in wireless. More helpful here in japan perhaps, where the lack of phones (for us visitors) made meeting people all the harder. We had IRC though.

Jonathon Phillips was meant to talk about the Open clipart library, I’d not really looked at the library before, but it’s great, a really high standard of artwork with lots that I can actually see using.

I’m sure there were lots I should’ve seen that did happen, but spent my time in other rooms, I’ll write up the highlights of the ones I did see soon.

My talk at SVG Open 2004

Thursday, September 9th, 2004

I just did my talk at SVG Open, went fine, wasn’t too pleased with the content, but then that was my own fault for not creating the funky SVG thing I wanted in time and a few network probs with this box that limited what I could demo. The Slides are online (although you’ll need javascript enabled with onclick support to view them, sorry about that, but it’s not really for the web…).

Had a fun dinner cruise last night off round the bay, much beer was drunk, and much more beer and sake drunk after in the dens of tokyo, still it was an early night for me at 2am as I had the presentation this morning, and needed to finish off the slides.

SVG Open 2004

Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

SVG Open 2004 began properly today after yesterdays tutorials, first up was a very interesting talk on validation using NVDL from Makoto Murata, showing us how to validate multi-namespace documents, after that I started scribing into IRC a KDDI presentation, showing off their mobile goSVG browser. Unfortunately the scheduled very interesting presentation on Locus which seemed to be an 802.11 presence application didn’t happen, the presenters never turned up, and we didn’t have their tool to see where we were, a shame as I wanted to see if Bluetooth along the lines of Bluetooth Presence could plug in easily.

Next up was Jerold Maddox trying to show us how good design was simpler than we thought, his demos were excellent but I’m not convinced I could really do it.

Then there was Adobe and Zoomon showing us Zoomon’s new editor that sits inside Adobe CS and allows authoring of animated SVGT and easy publishing through GoLive.

And that was just the morning session, 5 more sessions to go, hopefully they’ll be lots more interesting stuff to come, but not from me, my session is going to be really dull unfortunately as I’ve just not managed to get what I wanted to demo anywhere near demoable, so I’ll just have to talk to other peoples fun image projects and maybe see if I can pull a bit of theory together without boring everyone too senseless.