Garmin Chirp on the move

Garmin Chirp has been targetted at Geocachers, but I think it would be great for cyclists if the Garmin 705 supported it. Instead of having it static hidden somewhere, strap it to your bike and it solves lots of problems - who was that guy you’d been talking to for the last hour on the club run - simply check the chirps you’ve seen, it can chirp his name, his bike details, his twitter name and anything else you need to recognise him - I guess a photo would be needed to be perfect.

Or if you’re racing and in a break, there’s a guy bridging up to you, barely able to talk from the effort, his chirp appearing on your screen can give you a quick run down of who he is, and a message on if he’ll work etc.

Unfortunately for the ultimate use of hooking up with people then it doesn’t quite work as whilst it’s good that you can put your details and the coordinates of a place to meet, you can’t choose if a reciever gets your chirp or not. So everyone gets your details not just the cute girl on the Cervelo, but also the fat hairy bloke on the recumbent.

I’ve actually wondered before if a device that simply read the ANT+ broadcast ID’s from peoples HR straps and then displayed their names on a little display would be a good feature of the Garmin. Solving the who are the people you’re riding with question - as long as you were introduced to them at least once…

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