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Inaccessible Odeon & Accessibility Proxies

Sunday, July 11th, 2004

Odeon Cinemas in the UK have probably one of the worst websites of any organisation on the web today, you can’t do anything - just phone them up if you ever want to use their cinema. A lot easier for you.

Matthew Somerville as one of his many great services transformed this live with a proxy into An accessible version of the Odeon site (unfortunately no longer working) that made it instantly accessible to just about anyone, using any software. Odeon unfortunately decided to shut this down (see the previous link) they really don’t care about their customers, or almost certainly the law.

Fair enough it’s Odeon’s right to decline customers if they don’t feel it’s a risk, and if people were complaining, then perhaps they should do something about it - unfortunately though shutting down these proxy sites hurts all accessibility sites. Proxies can do a great job at providing access to all, but to do this, they have to by their very nature “re-publish” the content, if the sites refuse to allow proxies to operate, then they are certainly not making reasonable accomodation.

There are so many in-accessible sites that it’s normally not worth complaining about one, but when the organisation is not only inaccessible, but actively denies accessibility even when aware of the issues, action needs to be taken.


Wednesday, July 7th, 2004

Libby talks of FOAF meetups, there’s FOAFCamp and FOAF Galway. I’m pretty sure I’m going to make FOAF Camp, not so sure about FOAF-Galway, as I don’t really fancy the effort of writing a paper, and I’ve got to be in Japan for SVG Open 2004 the week after, so may not have the time - not that I know what I’m doing come september anyway, I’ll probably not have anywhere to work or live.

Don’t let me being at FOAFCamp put you off, I’m sure there’ll be enough people that you can avoid me, if not I’ll buy you a beer…

I found Phil Richards

Monday, July 5th, 2004

When you know people just by reputation and a few random emails or posts in the same place, it’s dead is to have them completely disappear, it’s great when you find them again.Phil Richards does stunning things with script and web-techs. His excellent directanimation is really stunning, especially the Willy (DirectAnimation requires Win32 IE).

The other big missing person, is Scott Porter of - he did great javascript games, but where he is now, I have no idea? If anyone knows…

I’ve moved to wordpress

Monday, July 5th, 2004

I decided the rolled my own blog was simply too crap to continue with, so I took the plunge and installed Wordpress, it all worked pretty well, I have a couple of problems with it - little error protection in the code, when it errors, it barfs them out to the user, not disastrous, hopefully I’ll notice them. Bigger though, it’s XHTML, so I’m serving up XHTML as text/html, sorry about that, but even I’m willing to sacrifice myself to the ease of using a blog tool.

So you can even comment now, be nice, well actually, just don’t link spam me!