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Santa’s FOAF file

Thursday, December 25th, 2003

So I stumbled across santa’s foaf file while he’s out dropping of the pressies - if you’re not in there, then it probably means you’ve been a bad boy or girl and not got a FOAF file!

Well either that or my scutter’s crap and hasn’t found you….

Merry Christmas!

In defence of foaf:weblog for groups

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

danbri says that a group is an agent is a bit fanciful, well that’s as maybe, but we certainly have the need to have groups do almost everything persons can do.

An example is your Christmas present thankyou list, you need to thank everyone for their presents, being a lazy semweb bod, you’re not going to write out careful thankyou letters like when you were little, you’ll have the semweb solve it. So you’ll model the thankyou list and let it link up with your address book to solve everything else. To do this though you need to make recieving presents from “your wife”, “your girlfriend”, “your football team”, “Grandma and Granddad”, “Work” all work the same you can’t go writing special RDF for each different type of group, groups - especially couples and companies - act just like one person in so many situations, and removing groups from Agent would make life very difficult.

<wn:socks><christmas:recievedFrom foaf:mbox=”mailto:great@aunt.mildred”/><dc:description>Stripey</dc:description>/wn:socks>

SVG Turtles Game

Monday, December 15th, 2003

Marek Ralda has produced an excellent SVG Turtle Game (game is versioned in url, check for later updates!) Excellent work, using both SMIL and javascript!

Stag Weekends…

Sunday, December 7th, 2003

Last weekend I went off to Nottingham on a stag weekend for my mate who’s getting married (I guess that was pretty obvious, as I’d not go off for some stranger, and it wouldn’t’ve been a stag weekend if he wasn’t getting married…) We did all the normal stag weekend things - drunk a lot, humiliated the poor stag etc. We also went driving various things - a land-rover off-road on this course, little pilots and these weird quad-bike things - all a good laugh and very, very muddy. I didn’t learn much other than it’s surprisingly easy to drive around at high speed, despite being very hungover and after only 3 hours sleep.

We went to a lapdance club in the evening for an hour or so, and to help with Dan’s humiliation, and I really don’t enjoy these, not on ethical grounds or anything like that. It’s just I don’t feel the girls market themselves right to me - they have a very 1 dimensional idea of what men find attractive. So it’s always high-heels, lots of make-up, skimpy clothing (yes I realise that’s the point - but they do take it off…) These simply are not what I go for - so if you’re looking to attract me to your club - rethink your dress!