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0.71% of HTML pages valid.

Monday, January 27th, 2003

Ben Meadowcroft in this blog entry pointed out a Masters Thesis on parsing invalid HTML which included results saying that 0.71% of the sample URIs were valid. Hopefully people will realise that people can’t author valid documents, so either we need to make our tools ensure validity, or not require validity. Unfortunately the XML world has gone further down the line of requiring validity or the poor user gets nothing, yet I’ve yet to see any attempts at delivering tools that can do the enforcing, people seem to think it’s the UA’s job, it’s NOT, the UA’s job is to show the user the content, not educate the developer.

More Mobile Spam

Sunday, January 26th, 2003

Mobile spam is a real pain in the neck, T-Mobile are pretty relentless, but unfortunately I doubt it’s a breach of contract to actually do it, so all I can do is complain, the TPS (who’s web complaints form javascript doesn’t even accept correctly formatted phone numbers as valid). This achieves little unfortunately - my main aim (as with e-mail spam complaints) is to get the company wasting time (and therefore money) dealing with complaints, so the attractiveness of mobile spam declines.

Infra-red SMS spam seems to suggest the problem is only likely to get worse, the problem with the system is, who leaves the IR enabled on their phone, or would bother to enable it for an advert?

Batik and foafnaut

Monday, January 20th, 2003

I had a very quick go and making foafnaut and batik play together, it doesn’t do a bad job, the major problems remaining, are scrolling/panning of the content, the size of the apron, the lack of querystring support, and the clip-path on the photo. All in all, for a beta, whilst slow (blame java) it does a good job of rendering the complex app. Next release I think it might just do a better job than ASV 3, apart from the speed of course.

Tony Blair

Sunday, January 19th, 2003

Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads is trying to shame Tony Blair into keeping a promise on having a public email address, by photoshopping obscene pictures of him, ensuring they get progessively more revealing as time goes by.

Unfortunately though, the markup he’s using on the page doesn’t encourage Google Images to return them on a search for Tony Blair, he needs to get Tony Blair in every alt text, title the image, and to ensure the caption and the image appear in the same P or DIV, or table element, not seperated as they are now. Google Images doesn’t find any of the pictures at the moment :-(

Can Moaning work?

Sunday, January 19th, 2003

Can Moaning work? SVG 1.1 was released, only for me to find they’d ignored my issue on High Performance Dynamic SVG Viewers. So I queried it, and then complained quite loudly. Let’s see if it works.

Winter Tanners

Tuesday, January 14th, 2003

I went a bit crazy on sunday, and decided to run 30 miles across the North Downs, no idea why I decided to step up from a nice easy on road half marathon, to a silly off-road, cold, icy, rough, muddy, hilly run, but insanity is what I think.

At 9:07 I was standing in a near deserted carpark in Leatherhead, slightly cold, with nothing but a phone, a GPS, detailed route instructions and a camelback full of energy drink. (okay that’s quite a bit, in fact everything I really needed) Setting off with Simon, who’s done it before, was really helpful as he pulled me through 15 miles without too much to worry about, but then I started to tire, and told Simon to go on ahead whilst I had a little walk to regain some energy, and then I was on my own…

except about a mile later I was at a checkpoint, and there was Simon again, he rushed off though, and it was a couple of miles on my own, with some very steep bits where there really was no choice but to walk, then coming into a field I saw the white map of Simon’s flashing on his back in the distance, I’d caught him up again… Shortly after though he shook me off for good, as I fell over for the 4th time on some ice.

I now found myself on my own for about 2 miles, this was worrying, as I was sure I was going wrong, and it coincided with instructions which said “go on for 1400yards etc.” so the cost of going wrong could’ve been a very long backtract. Then some fast guy came sprinting past, and I knew I was right, just slow.

By this time the camelback was empty, so I had lots of biscuits and some coffee at the last checkpoint, and left with 5 miles to go, but not carrying any fluid.

Still I made it back, in 6:46, which wasn’t all that bad, I would’ve liked to have gone faster, but seen as it was all unknown territory it wasn’t too bad. The GPS said it was 30.9miles, so with a couple of gaps (when we were running in the forest) I reckon it was over 31 miles, it also had over 3000ft of ascent (and descent obviously…) I drew a graph: Tanners altitude graph, which shows how most of the hills were at the end, which is hardly fair, is it?

Hopefully all good practice for a marathon.

Christmas Running

Thursday, January 9th, 2003

Just before Christmas I ran the Horton Country Park 10K, I struggled badly, (possibly because of drinking the night before) and after a good 5k I basically trotted around slowly to stop myself throwing up, not that it worked as the lack of any water at the finish line saw be sick. Still because of the general improvement I’ve made, it was still a PB for a genuine 10k, and I made it around in 46:49. A shame though, I should’ve done better.

NO handicap this month because of the SNOW!