foafnaut database update

foafnaut is a visualiser of foaf relationships, it is one of many nauts that have the same basic navigation methods, This article 28th Jan 2006.

Unfortunately due to the volume of foaf available, and the poor server foafnaut is running on (A 700Mhz Duron with 256MB ram) we cannot support adding new foaf files on an adhoc basis. The amount of FOAF data is simply too great to manage in the simple backend that foafnaut has always used. More advanced RDF stores are available, and a more optimised query mechanism means resurrecting it would be a relatively simple job. Unfortunately I don't have the time currently, but an upgrade and return of the service is planned, hopefully in the spring/summer of 2006.

Alternatively you could create your own foafnaut backend, it's a simple job to create foafnaut datafiles from an RDF store. Christopher Schmidt has released a version that works with redland and his crawler, which would be a good place to start. If you have any questions you can generally find me on #swig on

If you would like to link to your foaf file here, it will be included when the foafnaut database is rebuilt in the future.