Browse the foaf universe with the foafnaut.

Enter a persons in the foaf world email address (e.g., or etc.) and then explore who they know, and are codepicted with. (It appears Linux ASV versions do not work with the input box, add ? to the url as an alternative.)

People do not need to have a mailbox published in the foaf world, if they only have the mbox_sha1sum property they will still be shown, and the address you enter into the url will be sha1's in the client, so my server will never see it.

FOAFnaut is based on an original idea by Dean Jackson. The look, the feel, the design, indeed just about everything was done by Liz Turner, I just did what I was told. Much input also came from the RDFWeb IRC people, and I owe all of them many beers.

Add your url to the foafnaut world

You can download the foafnaut to view it locally if you wish to change anything on the interface, please submit any patches back to me, a licence for it hasn't yet been agreed, so for now assume you can only do private research on it. I'll have to ask all my collabrators on what a suitable licence may be All the data is available on the publically accessible internet, but please do not redistribute, if you want to install a scutter locally get in touch.

Other ways to view the foaf world.

foaf people on the world map

FOAF Explorer Another view on the foaf world.

FOAF codepiction search Search for photos that depict people.

FOAF web view

FOAF popularity contest

Search the data for triples - This allows you to find a url which contains a particular subject/predicate or object.

Key to foafnaut:

person A blub that is the person with their nickname, or part of their email address, use the - to remove the blub from the screen, and the plus to see who they know or are codepicted with (meaning they appear in the same photo), or drag the person around the screen with the apron.

highlighted person The currently highlighted person, this is what the info panel, and photo refers to.

knows This line shows that one of the people knows the other.

codepiction This line shows that the two people are codepicted, click on the circle to see the image.

codepiction/knows This line shows that the two people are codepicted and one knows the other, click on the circle to see the image.

codepiction/knows highlighted The colour of the line is changed if the photo is shown.

photo This is an image of the highlighted person, cutout from the photo if one is available, otherwise just a photo.

info panel This is an information panel where the persons, email address(es) and other info is given.

search This icon brings up the search box, so you can add more people to the screen.

More info soon to be available at