Simplest and Quickest Jibbering Gel Recipe

After continuing to experiment with making my own energy gels, I've now finally settled on what the quickest and easiest recipe and settled on the steps.


  • 500g Maltodextrin
  • 250ml of Water
  • 120ml of Innocent Fruit Smoothie (Other pure fruit brands would work too)
  • 50ml Pectin
  • ~1 teaspoon citric acid
  • 8g BCAA
  • 1g Beta Alanine
  • 2g L-Histidine
  • 0.8g Caffeine if you want a caffeine gel

The method

Add 250ml of just boiled water to a measuring jug, and then mix in the Amino acids and caffeine etc. first, stirring well as these are the least soluble. Then mix in the 500g of malto. Do it cautiously with about 50-100g at a time to avoid clumps, but it should dissolve pretty easily in the hot water.

Transfer to a pan, add the Smoothie, then add the pectin and citric acid, the citric acid may not be needed if you're using a more acidic smoothie (such as a berry based one) and heat it up to ensure it's above 80C, either using a sugar thermometer, or just guess if it's bubbling up, it's more than hot enough

Allow to cool briefly, and then pour into suitable container whilst still nicely liquid. Allow to cool, and then refigerate. Cooling time does seem to impact the texture, if you cool it rapidly (e.g. cold water bath in fridge) it's more liquid, no idea on why that might be, but it appears to be the case.

The Result

As always the ingredients are all bought from My Proteinand you can use my referal code MP107371 to get 5% off - you also earn me some points.

Pleasingly I've had lots of reports of success with the previous gel recipes, and they've continued to work extremely well for me, it's good to hear how other people go with it, and news of any failures or alternative recipes especially welcome!


  1. Martin Says:
    This is a great recipe, never even considered making my own and I go through loads in an average week. I'll give it a go at the weekend if my stuff arrives from MP. Cheers!