Five websites I find useful (or something like that...)

Allan wanted me to blog about websites I find useful, and apparently five is too limiting for him. For me though, the only useful website I find really is the search engine, everything else comes out from that. Mostly I use Google, although it's not exclusive, and it's not impossible it will change again. So I'm going to have one site on my list Google. Everything else is about the service they provide (mail, shopping whatever) or the community they provide (social networks, forums etc.) I'm actually much more of a luddite in terms of moving applications to the web, simply because in general they don't work. The connections aren't fast enough, the browsers are too slow or rather single threaded javascript where the UI and calculations share a thread makes it too slow. That's before you even get to the random ideas of usability that wed developers seem to have. The one application I cannot currently do without is SportTracks.


  1. Maz Says:
    Anyone - help! - which screw do I loosen on the alternator (belt and which one!) of a honda accord tdi 2.3 diesel to change the alternator. Gotta get it out first. Maz