Ineptitude and Networking

It's strange how often Richard Herring's life seems to resonate with me - you wouldn't've thought the life of a slightly overweight 40 year old stand up comic from the West Country living in west london would often resonate as I'm only 33, and could never stand up in front of any one, but it does. Today Richard ruminates on social networking, (that's real social networking, not the sort of thing you do on facebook or linkedin) and:
Sometimes if I am full to the brim with alcohol I can overcome the shyness part of the equation, but given my state of inebriation I will usually say or do something that would have a detrimental effect on my employment or social status.
Of course it's not really too bad for me, as I neither get invited to the sort of parties that have important industry people hanging around in them (or indeed any parties if I'm completely honest with myself) and unlike the Media world, being a geek is actually much more of a meritocracy. Although I'm still sure the people who spend their time writing lots to get themselves known end up doing better than those who quitely get on with things and just get them done. Good job the internet made that possible for us wall flowers.