Death of a Disk, and the resurrection of

The disk in died today, it was the sad end to a valiant disk, dieing just weeks before it was redundant as the new server arrived. So today was spent rebuilding the server, fortunately not too much was lost, the SVG logs suffered but the HTML versions are complete, and the logger will return soon. The blog needed rebuilding and the categories are lost but is otherwise okay - a couple of comments were lost, sorry! Only has been brought up so far, if you're using one of the other sites and seeing this instead, I'm sorry, they'll be up soon.


  1. Tim Says:
    Jim I'm particularly relieved to see that you managed to resurrect your disk as your article 'Using the XML HTTP Request object' has finally (after much reading and surfing) showed me how to implement this - if you had not rescued your disk I would never had the pleasure of reading it. I use IFRAME on one of the sites that I use but this will be much simpler to implement. Thanks for spending the time to write it. Tim