Ludicrous policing

Scarf causes offence - well actually it doesn’t of course, some very petty police officer decides to report the landlord for allowing the display of a scarf in her pub which made some remarks about sunderland supporters. More amazingly than the police officer though (who was probably just a sunderland supporter with a grudge against the landlady.) was the CPS who actually took the case to court.

The police are really losing my respect, they have poor priorities in what they investigate, and so many just do not know how to talk to a member of the public, even when I was young (and I’m only 28) policemen could talk to you, now they just jump on you with their cs-spray (you can’t call it a gas, bad PR.), batons, rigid cuffs and everything. The policemen of even 10 years ago, could talk most people into being arrested, now the majority can hardly tell you the time, but are more than up for a fight.