So manic tells me is no more, and it seems that’s because the author can no longer afford the bandwidth, he’s been appealing for cash to pay for it due to the number of hits. If he’d bothered to go read Mark Nottingham’s Cache tutorial he could’ve saved himself huge amounts in bandwidth. I realise a blog updates daily, so the front page has to be pretty uncacheable, but the archive is completely static, so should be completely cacheable, and even the front page could have a 5 or 10 minute cache age, which would help the seriously high bandwidth site.


  1. deedee Says:

    hey tried to get on to dogbomb and its not connecting, i knew they where having money probs but didnt realise they were that serious. Is it gone for good? wierd!

  2. Cloudane Says:

    I wouldn’t cast any doom and gloom yet - this article was written back in 2002 :)

    You obviously came here the same way as me - trying to find a discussion thread somewhere to see what’s going on!