The end of SVG Open

I’ve just returned from a week in holland, I had a night in Amsterdam before heading off to SVG Open in Enschede, finding a hostel took quite some walking around the red light district, last time I was there, everyone seemed to think I was called Charlie, but now they just say Viagra. I’m obviously getting old…

SVG Open itself was great, but I missed the excitement of the Cricket and had to follow along the crucial last moments via IRC and delayed BBC commentary, and even then ended in disappointment for me, and joy for others

and it's a draw!
. Of course the australian joy of a draw will soon disappear come the next test, just like it did in the 2nd test.

As always at SVG Open, we had lots of great fun, and saw lots of interesting SVG stuff, unfortunately not that many photos have appeared on line yet, most disappointing, there’s definately some ones out there, even people licking pigs

The SVG Wow session was as always great, even with Vincent having to do it without Dean Jackson this year. Suns own Java mobile implementation looked really good both in that demo and Cartoon interfaces. The mobile track had lots of interesting content, and the Ikivo presentation all showed off some interesting ideas.

I was happiest to learn of GSM cell id’s which allows you to get positioning info on any Symbian 60 phone. Of course the data needs to be gathered first, just like openstreetmap or similar. Hopefully a way can be found to combine gathering and sharing of all this data people walking around with GPS’s are collecting, to help out sign the geodata pledge and the geo manifesto.

SVG Open is great fun, come along next year, it’s a great excuse to drink beer…


  1. Krijn Hoetmer Says:

    But it’s so damn far away! ;-)