From Shiny to Orange…

Fresh from my shiny experiences, I’ve now joined the Orange people. T-Mobile, who I’d happily used for years, finally sent me too many spam text messages, so I had to leave, I chose Orange, thanks to some Lobbying from a friend who wanted to go to the cinema - Orange Wednesday gives customers 2 for 1 cinema tickets for 10p sms charge, and someone else recommended the deal available.

It’s a good deal, and now aswell as my Nokia 1100, I now have a Nokia 6680, it’s a videophone, so I made my first Video call, and completely pointless it was do, I had to get dressed to make it, I had to look at the screen, rather than wander around the room, and the quality wasn’t good enough if someone was trying to show me something actually interesting. It’s unlikely I’ll ever make another video call…

The nost annoying thing about the 6680 though is that it interferes with the audio on the TV when it’s being used, it’s a cheap TV, but GSM phones don’t cause it any problems, and the 6680 in GSM mode don’t cause it a problem. I think other than when I’m using data, I may well keep the 6680 in GSM only mode, the battery life is miles better, and it doesn’t interfere with anything, I certainly wouldn’t recommend 3G for anyone else, stick with the cheaper GSM phones, smaller, neater, better battery life, and more reliable. The 6680 also comes with no games, not even snake, this has depressed me about Nokia, it looks like they’re pandering to the networks to encourage more people to buy downloaded games, they should remember who their real customers are.

Opera 8.0 and wireless IRC have been installed and are working nicely though, The Symbian Opera 8.0’s javascript support looks really good, and the xml http request object works nicely, with all the examples, including the newly added one, working well.


  1. MJ Ray Says:

    I’m sorry you’ve joined Orange. I just had another junk mail from them. After the last junk mail a few months ago, I phoned and asked them to remove me from their list, which they assured me they would. A few years ago, I left Orange because their customer service is incompetent, so I’m not really surprised that they didn’t remove me from their mailing list. This time, they’ve included a FREEPOST, so they’ll get a postal complaint.

    I hope you have better experiences.

  2. amber Says:

    I have been very satisfied with they services. Way to go orange. My nokia phone is serving me really well. I can do whatever I with with my phone.This is simply amazing…..