ASBO’s for link spammers

Link spammers believe they’re doing nothing illegal in link spamming, and they’re probably right. However here in the UK we have a pretty horrible piece of legislation called the ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) that can criminalise just about any sort of behaviour, from Drinking Petrol, or howling at the moon, or using a phone, or using the word grass.

Whilst it’s a bad law, which can be used to criminalise individuals for non-criminal activity, if wearing a hat or using the word grass is wrong it should apply to everyone or no-one. However, as it’s here, why shouldn’t it be used on link spammers? A few complaints to the local council of a UK individual link-spamming could easily get them banned from using the internet, or commenting on blogs/wikis. Whilst it won’t do much to stop link spamming world wide. It’ll certainly discourage any UK individual joining in the act. So el Reg. you know a link spammers name, how about trying to get an ASBO for his anti-social behaviour?


  1. Dan Says:

    I guess this could apply to any sort of spammer, not just blogspam.