Mozilla SVG

So I finally had some tuits today to look at making foafnaut work in the mozilla SVG implementation, it wasn’t as hard as I expected, the DOM was much more complete - there was a couple of minor DOM issues, like rootElement not being supported - but most of the time was spent on developing wrappers to getURL, parseXML, postURL and printNode.

Useful it was too, as I think I can get them supported in mozilla directly by the script, I sent in a patch. Other than that, there was a couple of namespace issues where I’d been naughty (but neither batik or ASV wanted to hurt me for it).

So well done mozilla SVG guys, it’s really coming on great.

View the Mozilla SVG foafnaut


  1. Sean B. Palmer Says:

    Oh hi there. I was searching for a method to mount a tripod to the back of my car so that I could take photos of golden showers of fireworks when out and about, but I kept coming up with your site! I am not sure why. Could you possibly fix it? Or at least tell me how to mount the tripod? I have a Ford parseXML 3.0l, and it has the registration plate “DOM 1″. Thanks.