SVG Open 2004

SVG Open 2004 began properly today after yesterdays tutorials, first up was a very interesting talk on validation using NVDL from Makoto Murata, showing us how to validate multi-namespace documents, after that I started scribing into IRC a KDDI presentation, showing off their mobile goSVG browser. Unfortunately the scheduled very interesting presentation on Locus which seemed to be an 802.11 presence application didn’t happen, the presenters never turned up, and we didn’t have their tool to see where we were, a shame as I wanted to see if Bluetooth along the lines of Bluetooth Presence could plug in easily.

Next up was Jerold Maddox trying to show us how good design was simpler than we thought, his demos were excellent but I’m not convinced I could really do it.

Then there was Adobe and Zoomon showing us Zoomon’s new editor that sits inside Adobe CS and allows authoring of animated SVGT and easy publishing through GoLive.

And that was just the morning session, 5 more sessions to go, hopefully they’ll be lots more interesting stuff to come, but not from me, my session is going to be really dull unfortunately as I’ve just not managed to get what I wanted to demo anywhere near demoable, so I’ll just have to talk to other peoples fun image projects and maybe see if I can pull a bit of theory together without boring everyone too senseless.