Widcomm really are annoying

So, I’m trying to get my Bluetooth headset connected up to my back-up laptop here (the main one is off visiting IBM for a dodgy screen), and the widcomm drivers for the BT-120 dongle, simply don’t work. The problem seems to be with the licence authentication - this strikes me as pretty odd, what possible reason is there to have to have an authentication code on a device driver - they’re only useful if you’ve got the device.

It wouldn’t matter of course, if it actually worked, but it doesn’t, I’ve found comments on the web how to remove the security, but nothing on how to fix the actual problem, lots of people discussing it and decrying widcomm and D-Link’s woeful support. Why do so many companies push us into the arms of breaking their protection simply to use their hardware.


  1. Giuseppe Taibi Says:

    Right on! Widcomm makes one of the most annoying pieces of software that I ever had to wrestle with. It took WEEKS of fiddling, hacking, trial and error, headaches, swearing (lots and loud) in order to make my D-Link Bluetooth work on my Thinkpad. So far no luck with my HP pavillion desktop. Since I am a *really* tech savvy person, I would argue that the current crop of Bluetoot connectivity os out of reach for the average customer. This sucks because Bluetooth is potentially a very much needed technology.

  2. Dan Says:

    Go to www.daniel-marshall.co.uk and click on guides and follow the links to the one i havent written about Widcomm 4 software for any dongle, it may well help you out!