I found Phil Richards

When you know people just by reputation and a few random emails or posts in the same place, it’s dead is to have them completely disappear, it’s great when you find them again.Phil Richards does stunning things with script and web-techs. His excellent directanimation is really stunning, especially the Willy (DirectAnimation requires Win32 IE).

The other big missing person, is Scott Porter of www.javascript-games.org - he did great javascript games, but where he is now, I have no idea? If anyone knows…


  1. Brent Silby Says:

    Scott let his domain expire, and it got snapped up by another company. You may be able to track him down at slashdot. http://slashdot.org/~FyRE666

  2. Phil Richards Says:
    Hi Jim, I'm wayyyy behind the curve here but then I don't think my site has changed much in the last couple of years anyway. IE7beta2 doesn't seem to support DirectAnimation, not without re-registering the dlls anyway, so I reckon it's been consigned to the archives. I am hoping that XAML will open up some possibilities for similar work with Vista. If not there's always Flash. OK I admit it, I found this after Googling my name, or more accurately 'Windows Live Beta-ing' my name. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it?