In defence of foaf:weblog for groups

danbri says that a group is an agent is a bit fanciful, well that’s as maybe, but we certainly have the need to have groups do almost everything persons can do.

An example is your Christmas present thankyou list, you need to thank everyone for their presents, being a lazy semweb bod, you’re not going to write out careful thankyou letters like when you were little, you’ll have the semweb solve it. So you’ll model the thankyou list and let it link up with your address book to solve everything else. To do this though you need to make recieving presents from “your wife”, “your girlfriend”, “your football team”, “Grandma and Granddad”, “Work” all work the same you can’t go writing special RDF for each different type of group, groups - especially couples and companies - act just like one person in so many situations, and removing groups from Agent would make life very difficult.

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