No markup perhaps more harmful?

If you’re reading this in the RSS feed, then there won’t be any links, or any mark-up at all, it’s just text, you’ll need to read the HTML version to see the links and the pictures, this is because Escaped markup is considered harmful and I listen to Norm. However I’m too lazy to write the code to convert my HTML (XHTML being an irrelevance you shouldn’t deliver on the web to unsuspecting clients) into well formed XML safe for embeddeding.

This might be more harmful, in that with the links, you’re missing much of the content, mind you you’re missing the Zebras bums anyway, so come read the HTML with a CSS browser and images, and you get my boring musings, and the bums of stripey ruminants, so I’m not gonna bother fixing up my HTML so it’s safe for embedding, well not yet anyway.