GoogleAd frustration

Googles adverts have really begun annoying me recently, they’re never relevant to the search I’ve made, I don’t know if it’s the success that’s driven people to buy loosely related search terms or what, but the lack of relevance is making me consider other search engines. Consider the google search for OWL Transitive Property, Google is fully aware from search results, that this has nothing to do with moving house, yet I (with a UK IP address) get adverts for Rightmove and Mypropertyforsale - and the incredibly annoying ebay ad, which seems to appear for all queries you make.

So I made my user stylesheet just hide all Google adverts, sorry advertisers, but if you get Google to sort out the relevance, I’ll turn them back on, but irrelevant ones - I don’t want to know. It’s a shame Google Ad’s were once relevant and useful, now they’re just a pain.