Standards, who gives a toss?

Safari developers prefer broken mozilla compatibility to following the standard. Hyatt’s blog has a strange annoucement, that he’s having Safari fix-up <script /> to mean a properly closed script element in HTML, now because a UA should make best efforts to render documents that are crap, I can’t complain too much about the principle. We’re stuck with a big legacy from NN4 and IE’s brokenness. Yet IE and NN4 treat the standard correctly here, so there shouldn’t be any big legacy problems, the bug could easily be fixed in Mozilla and Opera. Hyatt says that “since Web sites are (amazingly) writing to it.” we’re stuck with it, rubbish, the pages must be tiny in number, fail to work in the majority of well behaved user agents (including normally bad behaved ones like IE).

To me it suggests that Safari is creating a browser for the wrong audience, caring more about addressing Mozilla compatibility for us geeks, than creating a useful User Agent that closely follows standards.