Annotating Images with SVG

This version of the Image annotation tool, posts the RDF to an Annotea database (currently Iggy), it also has a slightly updated look. There is currently no way to use the RDF from the Image Annotation, but if you just want to query for the RDF you can. Enter URL: , . My SVG client-side RDF Parser is currently breaking on the RDF, when I have fixed that I will do something useful with the data.

A quick proof of what could be done with the RDF is available in my description of shepherds image

Search for an object: (Object is a wordnet noun, or you can give a full uri such as )

The Name and e-mail fields so that we can track the provenance of the annotations, if you say the resource is a or then a name and email field will appear to allow you to create codepiction data. (Well in an appropriately configured and capable browser, otherwise please use the forms within the SVG itself.)

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