Route Planning for Round the World Flights

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Route Planner Help

The route planner contains information from oneworld and star alliance networks, it can be used to plan round the world flight tickets sold under One world explorer fare or Star Alliance RoTW fare, it doesn't enforce the rules of the fares, that's up to you.

The checkboxes under the title allow you to choose which carriers you want to see routes from, changing the selection at any time will change the displayed routes.

Start by choosing the airport you wish to leave from, you do this by entering the airport code, or name in the Airport: box, if you enter a name, or 3 letter code that doesn't exist, it will search the airports database and provide a table for you to choose the one you want, remember not all airports will actually have a service from one of the carriers.

Once you've selected the start airport, all airports that have a flight from that airport are shown on the map as a smaller yellow airport, hovering over the airport will show a tooltip of the name. Clicking on the airport will then add it to the route.

The route will appear on a table, listing the destinations, and the mileage - needed for the Star fares. If you wish to change your route, clicking on the airport in the table will return you to that point in the route, deleting all subsequent destinations.

You can drag the map to move the center, and zoom in and out using the buttons, all the tables that pop-up can also be moved with the mouse.

Any bugs, comments or anything else you want to say, please e-mail me at, I don't sell round the world tickets, but if you want to make me some good offers for cheap tickets, you can do that too!