A configurable SVG magnifying Glass

Philip Mansfield from SchemaSoft is demoing a stunningly good “swell” magnifier - which allows contextual magnification - the normal magnifying glass hides context, demos on UK tubemap, you can see which line is connected/adjacent too when you have a magnifying glass.

Phil’s solution is an SVG/Vector magnifying glass solution, where there’s a transition phase between the zoomed and the original. Tough to describe, but excellent to view.

Interior region is a transformation, nice and simple, the transition region is an feDisplacementMap filter, and pixels from an input SVG image used to spatially displace another image. Phil explains the algorithm, hopefully the slides will be available later, as I’m not live noting them…

Demo is unfortunately not publically available, and we’d need to talk to about licensing… which is a shame, but not unexpected and it’s great!


  1. joy anderson Says:

    I’m enquiring for a very dear friend who has got an eye complaint and her eyesight will over aperiod of months will get worse. She needs good light for reading and good print but told me that when she reads for a little while she finds the letters goes fuzzy or the words seem to run together and she has difficulting in reading after this so I thought of a magnifying glass! She has a small one with a light but I didnt know if there is a difference in the quality of a glass that would affect the reading. She said it was a cheap one but is there a difference or what are your prices and class of glass. Sorry to bother you but it would be a great help if you could let me know!! as there is nothing so precious as your eyesight. Yours faithfully Joy