Annoying the Opera Gods

I seem to have annoyed the Opera Gods, as Opera 8.5 has introduced a bug which when rendering this blog appears to push the CPU to 100% and make all the links inaccessible, I can’t seem to isolate the cause, at first because it didn’t happen on my localhost I thought it might be the 0 byte favicon.ico I have (I really do not like browsers auto-requesting favicon.ico, it’s my URI I chose what it means not you!) but that’s not it, it just seems to only happen remote. An archived version of the page can be found at /2005/10/opera-bug.html.

I couldn’t seem to isolate any other stuff, so I’ve not been able to author a workaround, if anyone can see one let me know, as I’d quite like Opera people able to follow links, if not we’ve just got to wait until Opera fix bug 182028.


  1. Jim Ley Says:

    I created an empty user js file, and now it works, very odd…