Nokia Sensor

Nokia Sensor is a Symbian 60 app which works with bluetooth and has contact details of people, and allows easy file sharing and alerts when people come near. It looks good, although the real utility of being alerted when your buddy comes within 10m of you doesn’t sound that useful, my friends can generally smell me when I’m that close. I suppose when you’re meeting strangers it would be useful, but actually it looks like the only way you can create a buddy is by meeting them first, ah, actually though, it looks like Group Codes are the way to do that, although it doesn’t have alerts.

Anyway, whilst it looks interesting, neither my regular Nokia 1100, or my 3650 are Symbian 60 ver 2.0 which it needs so I can’t test it.

What would be really useful though is for the PC version of this app, so we can start seeing when people come near our PC’s, and if people are at their desks etc. - basically the bluetooth presence I’ve never got around too. I’m sure the protocol can be easily decoded, anyone doing it yet? Maybe I should upgrade my phone and start work on it?


  1. Martin May Says:

    I know that they are several PC apps that let you trigger scripts when a certain Bluetooth device is in range. Check Salling Clicker and others.