Should Mozilla/Opera/Apple talk to their WHATWG guys?

So Mozilla’s got a new plugin architecture and it’ll work with Safari and Opera too - great news, it shows that the strategies of these three companies and the future of Web Applications are pretty sound, basic HTML and plugins for the new stuff, as you can see with the suggested uses of such plugin based systems.

For example, a user shopping for clothing on a web site that takes advantage of the new plugin capabilities could mix and match different styles and colors for shirts and pants using an interactive Flash movie, and pricing and other information in an associated web page would be updated as a result.

In order to foster a richer experience on the web, we need to enable more dynamic and deep interaction between the browser, the plugin, and web content. This is the first step in that direction; it will give web content developers new, portable options for creating innovative experiences and applications.

Unfortunate though, many of these companies employees (but not the companies we must remember) are spending their time on the WHATWG, now as I said I thought this had little chance of getting much take up. But with this press release, it doesn’t even look like it’s the policy of Moz, Opera and Apple - so why are the employees doing it?