Adding SVG Paths to Co-Depiction RDF

The General Image Annotation Tool now also does codepiction and has an improved interface, please use that by preference.

These pages allow you to generate RDF comments about images, including the regions of the images which you're talking about. If you like you can add the generated RDF to the RDFWeb database.

This form adds the information, submitting the form will take you to an SVG editor for the drawing of the paths.

You need the Adobe SVG 3.0 plugin (Or any SVG that has support for printNode and parseXML Adobe extensions)

The editor is the same as the Image Anotation tool the only difference being the output.

The RDF you create can be searched either in my Person Image search tool or on rdfweb's codepiction search

Alternatively the data can be turned into a basic svg semantic web screensavery thing or a slightly more complicated svg semantic web screensaver

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