Cadence from Speed SportTracks plugin

3rd Febuary 2009.
Jim Ley,

Cadence from Speed for a fixed gear.

SportTracks from ZoneFiveSoftware is an exercise logbook for managing your trainsing. It supports plugins to have the basic functionality extended for niche needs. I've added a plugin for generating a cadence log of a particular ride, given distance data (from e.g. GPS device) on a fixed gear bike.

Getting the plugin

You can download the plugin from SportTracks Plugin Catalog.

Using the Plugin

Set your front cog, rear cog, and tyre circumference in the settings:

Then with an activity selected, simply create the cadence log with: The Cadence log will replace any existing cadence log in the activity and that data will be lost. The default values in the cadence log are for a 650c 48x18 track bike.


Simply drop me an email on the address below.