Simplistic RDF Editor

Fill the box with the text you want to appear in the node, then use the Literal or Resource buttons for a rectangle or an Ellipse, then drag the created node to where you want it. To connect two nodes, you again enter the text in the box and shift + click the from node then shift+click the too node. This is all extremely slow at the moment, so to look at what a completed graph might look like, there is an for you. To remove nodes hold down ALT while you click on the node, to remove predicates do the same on the predicate text.

To view the triples of the graph - use the Output Triples button to get them listed below the graph in NTriple format, they are also copied to your clipboard in IE.

You can also import XML+RDF to create a messy graph

You can also import schemas into the drop down box

Comments to - Currently tested on IE5.5 with the Adobe SVG 3.0 plugin (it does not work with the Adobe SVG 2.0 plugin). Mozillas plugin-javasscript is flawed, this may work in Mozilla 0.9.1 but with such an old browser there are probably other bugs - let me know if you try!