Nice Script Phil, creates Cubes, Triangle, polygon sections etc. aswell, the Jim below is actually a recreation of a spinning logo I did in DA a few years ago for Samsung to show off their new 3D graphics cards in their notebooks - unfortunately though they couldn't make it smooth fullscreen so we ended up doing it in a 3D studio Mpeg (which jumps every time you restart it - but it still was better than the DA version.) - Although the 3DS lighting effects were better with an actual moving line effect across the surface which I can't recreate.

As I'm at home with no Manual (and only a 9.6k GSM modem) I used ObjectViewer to look at the objects - Have you heard of, could you imagine what the undocumented ImportGeometryWrap method does see below:

IDAGeometry* ImportGeometryWrapped( [in] BSTR url, [in] long wrapType, [in] double originX, [in] double originY, [in] double originZ, [in] double zAxisX, [in] double zAxisY, [in] double zAxisZ, [in] double yAxisX, [in] double yAxisY, [in] double yAxisZ, [in] double texOriginX, [in] double texOriginY, [in] double texScaleX, [in] double texScaleY, [in] unsigned long Flags);