Chris Lilley - the next generation web client

“My presentation - It’s crap but at least it’s not a PPT presentation”

HTML spec defines a file format only, SVG spec defines format, reader, viewer. SMIL gives you wonderful markup, but because the content allowed can be any, there’s loads which is actually proprietary because of the content. SVG says what the client can do, so authors and vendors know what they’ve got to do.

What do you need to make an SVG client? XML/XML Namespaces/Unicode/SMIL/PNG/JPEG [CSS 2/HTTP optional] - which is a lot! It gives us real Internationalisation, including visual fidelity of fonts with embedding them.
XLink allows us to put links on other XML NS aswell as SVG.

What we need: XML Events, XForms, XFrames, SMIL audio/video, SOAP, XPath (If it’s a W3 tech, stick it in it seems :-)

Things that need fixing - ID (a general XML problem, which attribute is an ID?) XForms would allow SVG to phone home - styling is left to SVG/CSS - css ain’t really up to it.

Demo’d Deng which can do SVG/CSS/XForms etc. Deng is in Flash!

Plugins SUCK!, plugins are a poor concept, they expose mechanism in content, don’t integrate with browser UI

The SVG core client, SVG gives XML DOM etc. does compositing, rendering etc. CSS box model for text, RCC to create SVG presentation, to give us a rich client for web-services and the Semantic Web.

People already using RCC which seperates pDOM from cDOM, despite it being released 3 days ago.

SVG Tiny competitionTEST Promote and showcase SVG design, 30k SVGT MMS greeting card, giving Fame, fortune (well okay not fortune), but great google karma - w3 is number 14 in the world on google rank. Nokia will give a prise, a 3650… (nice phone)

“Should developers band together with some agenda?” - People could market, perform a consortia to develop a browsing tool, but mostly we need organisation.