SVG WG Panel

This is a pretty poor set of notes on the SVG Panel
someone - Will you kill PDF/XSL-FO/HTML etc. ?CL - We make sure SVG uses similar terms to html etc. PDF is “Print the Damn File”, Chris sees PDF as purely presentation.JF - PDF/SVG 1.2 overlap, but workflows are very different. PDF has big inertia and support, SVG tools not there.DS asks can we have variable stroke widths, maybe do a Nike Swoosh, could be in RAX?CL - Implementation seems complicated to do, but would be really useful, Chris would like to see it in SVG, but others may not?DS Will SVG spec re-add the cream of the RCC stuff back into core?CL - That could be good?DS Drag and Drop anything in spec?CL Antoine Quint wrote cool one, back in 1.0, RCC there.Dean - new features take time from the WG, more we add the longer it takes, we need feedback. 3hours a week telecon, 6 days F2F in 3 months between draft yet only 6 features added.Some Guy? Any X3d/SVG integration X3d a W3 note.CL - There’s been some interaction between groups, they’ve been to dinner at www2003, SVG textures would be good, modern graphics cards are 98% 3D accelleration.Phil Mansfield - SVG viewer can implement 3D see presentation previously.Java more efficient that javascript!Some Guy? Will we get more complicated matrixes to calculate stuff. So we can do “star wars text”, to get perspective effects.No plans yet… good suggestion though.Alistair from victoria uni - Will the WG define any UI components?CL - People will always ask for more, but we assumed everything was a special so no symbols, but for zoom/pan control for examples, people want it to look the same. but for TINY we will need to add it as Script can’t do it.Benoit/CL dSVG has some ideas, send feedback to especially on RAX/dsvg etc.A.Adam - Elaborate on live templates?DF they only exist in spec form, there’s some simulations.CL says there is implementations that renders stuff like MathML.PM It’s like XSLT, so could be used, but it’s different.Alison from schemasoft - Markers are a problem, they seem useful, but they’re tough to use, line ends show up behind marker. changed rendering model, with exclusion zone around marker, see automated marker generation.

Initials are www-svg folks or svg-developer guys.