Jon Ferraiolo’s presentation on the stuff formally known as RAX, very well attended not surprisingly.

  • SVG Open 2002, had lots of data/presentation seperation issues.
  • Lots of discussion between SVGOpen 2002 and 2003, to work out RAX/RCC.
  • UI in SVG is hard, want to seperate data & pres. USE element disappoints, mix XForms, mix static/dynamic layout, stuff is positioned precisely, but people want dynamic layout.
  • RCC solves or helps the limitations, it’s a foundation for creating widget library, cleanly seperates data vs presentation (different DOM’s), can have layout algorithms, and it’s extensible!
  • Examples: simple flowchart example, (From the draft spec), impressive UI demo, checkboxes, select etc. created by Peter Sorotokin. - shows that it’s only 6kb (gzipped) Another Peter demo, which is a tree list. (This is all excellent tech. - libraries are good, but is there a revenue model, will anyone actually pay someone to produce SVG?)
  • The entire presentation is RCC’d
  • Explanation of syntax.
  • What it means? - General component framework, joe can use sally’s components seperate etc.
  • It’s the first pass on the syntax, still issues etc. Open issues Authoring tools impact - there’s alternate proposals to do similar Live Templates/dSVG - Please help us review the proposals.
  • Should be in Basic, no DOM or script in Tiny, there is Java though on handhelds so maybe a Tiny DOM, or have it in with Java since J2ME exists.
  • Learn more from the draft, try them out etc. watch the developers list.

Declaritive iteration idea? can external non-viewer prog do the RCC’ing instead, e.g. from a C?
Script can do the iteration, maybe some XSLT future to do.
Perhaps more events to provide interfaces outside of ASV.
Live Templates guy asks - Weakness of RCC is the content is a direct substitution would XSLT be good, can we have a method to fire off an XSLT?
Jon Agrees fully!
Dean asks to view the source? looks neat
Dean asks where are the tools to generate this stuff?