Accessing SVG Content Linguistically and Conceptually

David Dodds is illustrating some ways of convert SVG documents into a text description of the document, simply by analysing the SVG document, only low level stuff can be done like this, but no real smarts, so not so useful.Various ways to look at an image, Left->Right, Top-Down, Inside-out.

  • Shows an SVG document with RDF description of a barchart, RDF schema used is daxschema it contains Below, isNear, AtRight, curve, circle and all sorts of stuff - similar to W3’s linearisation schema (DanielD and Ivan Hermann)
  • The RDF generates crap comments, true, but not very English. Converse a linguisitic grammar, (Doug Schepers was just showing me a really interesting Linguistic grammar editor/viewer)
  • System can recognise contents and see if it’s a barchart, and answer other questions like “How many rectangles?, is there animation?” or do things like “Put a large green line under the bottom text.