A return to running, and my weight loss tips.

Regular readers will know, I don't blog much now, but I really should try and change that. Irregular readers, who read random odd pages from the depths of history or people with a very long memory who read my blog a long time ago, will remember I used to blog about running every now and then. I was pretty pleased with myself with that last one, I ran 20:19 for 3 miles. Shortly after that I pretty much stopped running after a marathon I ran in February the following year (2003). Eighteen months ago, I was "fat jim" as I was later dubbed, and not surprising I was single. I was over 100kg / 16 stone, but then it changed and I started losing weight, it had a lot to do with being happier. So that's my first weight loss tip - get happier. By January 2008, I was down to 87kg, and that's when I started running again, firstly just as an excuse to get a date with a hot triathlete. After that though it was more to be able to be fit enough to keep up with a hot roadie. I did okay, when I started back running at the running club in Feb 2008, my handicap time had shot up to 22:41. Of course I had the incentive to train now, simply to keep up. So now a year later I have it down to 18:36, and I only weigh 76kg. So here's my second weight loss tip get a fit girlfriend.


  1. Gustaf Says:
    Welcome back, Jim!
  2. jay Says:
    sterling work, when you can get it! need a cycle buddy? give me a call regards
  3. the fit girlfriend Says:
    And here's a link to Skinny Jim now, http://tinyurl.com/djuekz