Not blogging...

It's been a bloody long time since I've blogged anything, so long that now the endless "sell me your blog to let me turn it into a link farm on the page rank" remind me of how long since I last updated it, it's been surprising, nothing has annoyed me enough to write anything, at least nothing on stuff I can blog about anyway.

I've had a pretty good last year money-wise, as I've actually done some work, and with that I'm no longer homeless, so if you need a place to stay in south-west London, drop me a line. In fact, things have been so good I've even splashed out on luxuries and bought an iPod nano - my first ever iPod, for something that is supposed to be the ultimate in consumer user interfaces, it's pretty annoying.

There's no OFF button, pause and rely on it the auto-off behaviour, that's strange, stop it and shut up is extremely important functionality for me, but not something the nano supports.

There's no auto-lock, that I just can't understand, my phone, which is the cheapest sell has it, it doesn't need a little push switch in an inaccessible place to stop the volume changing randomly when it's in your pocket, it just solves that for you by automatically locking.

They're minor niggles from what is a generally good user interface, but for what is a very limited device designed to do one thing, not as impressive as I would've imagined from the talk. At the same time, why is the macbook asking me for the macbook password to update the nano's firmware? If it's for security, it should be the nano's password you're asking me, not a password for a completely different device, that's just teaching me to enter my system password for nothing to do with my system, bad lesson to learn.

To complete the apple annoyances, they've patented the anti-theft device I talked about last time, let's hope the bar on patent obviousness carries on raising to avoid this sort of thing.


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    [...] Following on in my continued development into a regular guy this year, where I started doing all the normal things people do like not being homeless and buying iPod’s. Last week I got a regular job, and I’m happy to say that I am now a junior developer at Joost. It’s not been a secret I’ve been working with the folk at Joost for a fair old time now, but now it’s a proper thing, with holidays, HR rules, and a salary at the end of the month. [...]