Google checkout, does it work at all?

So I had a quick look at Google Checkout, expecting to see no background colour, and probably some trivial XSS exploits. I didn't see an immediately obvious XSS exploit, but they don't bother to sanitise the continue url or have a charset defined, so there's probably something you can do there. More interesting were the attempts to actually buy anything. Trying on the google store failed with an
Oops! An error occurred while processing your request.
screenshot of failed google checkout There was no way to try again, no way to get back to me order - the first site I tried, a good example of the sort of sites you can use google checkout on, is probably the leading snorkel provision site with Bob in the url didn't let me use google to pay at all, so I tried Dick's sporting goods, again, it failed, it just took me to the same oops page, with no way to return. So whilat I didn't immediately find the XSS flaws I expected, I definately found a service that doesn't even begin to work, I don't think paypal need be worried. I think stores would be rather foolish to sign up with google checkout given the failures I've experienced - at the very least you expect error pages to get you back to the store in question, how many lost sales will sites put up with?


  1. grumpY! Says:
    interesting. i also find it troubling that the error message is so uninformative. to hell with useability, when something is wrong with my credit card, i want a full and detailed dump, with some information about how far along to the merchant my information was transmitted.
  2. Mike Says:
    Seriously, what is wrong with Google? The Google search is about the only thing that never failed to work. Everything else by Google did. How many times on Gmail did you see "Ooops Error xxx..." when you click the send button? And did the same thing happened on Yahoo mail or similar? NO, of course not. The same is with Google Checkout. No further information, no explanation, nothing. I do not care if they are hiding behind 'beta' for 10 years, and if they are most profitable company on the internet. THEY SUCK!
  3. Dale Says:
    I tried to order through ebuyer!! I saw the link for google checkout and to save £10 off my order. I thought great. Well it does not work. Surprise surprise, i tried again today at work and the same happened. I filled out the form and clicked on Agree to terms and conditions and all i got was a blank screen. Pressed refresh after leaving it for 5 min and it takes you back to the form!!
  4. Harry Says:
    Google Checkout has contributed - along with - to THE worst online shopping experience I have ever encountered. Both blame each other for non receipt of emails. I had to resort to using my email to contact svp directly. The Checkout login doesn't work, the system does not sign you out properly like online banking systems do. And if Google want to enhance and promote the virtues of their (flawed imho) service, then they should at least affiliate reputable e-tailers who know how to correspond with customers. Summary = don't use Google Checkout, and dont ever use