Places to Work whilst Travelling

Travelling or Backpacking is well catered for on the web, sites such as Hostelz and the more commercial similar sites have lots of information on places to stay all over the world. There's also lots of places telling you how to get jobs whilst travelling if you're in one of the under 30 working visa countries. There don't seem to be anything out there telling geeky people places where they can get reliable internet connections, the hostel sites and guidebooks will indicate if internet is available, but will generally have no more information on it - is it fast, can you use your own notebook, is it available at 3am when you need to be on the teleconference with the guys back in the office.

paradise jamaica beach

This would be really useful, but there's the huge bootstrapping problem here, how do you get enough information to encourage other people to leave information? Maybe I should just create it, then once there's enough places in there, I can go off and stay in them... It might be better than being homeless just bumming around in the UK. Openguides is almost a good platform to build it on, but it's very much built around a city rather than a topic, a pure wiki solution is a little dry, I'd rather see more commentary based stuff. Paradise Jamaica was where I stayed recently in Jamaica, and it was good for working, the wifi was fast and reliable, and the beach was deserted and lovely. I just need a few thousand more such places and I've got a site!


  1. nym Says:
    I think this is where platial really can excel. There's so much point based detail that can be shared about these places!