Anti PageRank Rant

After fighting past the script errors, and the horrible layout I found this link to article on PageRank(I won’t link direct, google will just hide it anyway.). The general idea seems to be that PageRank is evil because only big sites will have a high page rank, therefore there’s no way in for the low-ranked site. What they fail to note is that the current high-ranked sites are not all in the hands of corporations now, so it’s just as easy for me to get a new site high-ranked as anyone else who’s already got a ranking.

Yes, it may favour those already with a presence, or known by someone with a presence, but that’s just about anyone.

The article also notes “Sites with a respectable PageRank, on the other hand, get tens of thousands of visitors per day.” - I don’t agree with that, Page rank is quite independant of hits, I know of some 7 ranked pages which hardly ever see anyone but the GoogleBot, PageRank alone doens’t drive visitors, content does.

All in all, an odd article, especially when all the current content-analysis offerings are so far below page rank in finding relevant content.