Chicken War?

Rogi’s, responded to my comments on his recipe… he’s asked what the difference is - he’s surprisingly unobservant for a photographer, still I suppose it is quite difficult to spot the difference between chicken and turkey, one’s small bird commonly raised for its meet and its eggs, and the other is a country in Asia (part of it is of course also in Europe, but then Europe is just part of Asia too…).

My recipe’s not better, it’s the same recipe! I just want to know if he’s spying on my kitchen, knows my mother, or there’s no connection at all, just a coincidence.

Well actually there are some ways in which my recipe is better:

  1. Malayan Chicken is a more evocative name than POGTSF, giving the diner a higher expectation.
  2. It’s cooked by me.
  3. er. that’s it.