Friendster spams and lies

Today, I got some friendster spam, bad friendster, but not surprising social networking sites like sending spam, so I visited their privacy policy which stated that they were a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program. Unfortunately this appears to be a lie, the TRUSTe people are quite confident that friendster is not a member. It appears that not only are friendster quite willing to send spam, they’re also only pretending to be members of a privacy watchdog, you can check yourself at

This would be very worrying, if friendster didn’t only have information on me that is freely available in a hundred FOAF resources, but if you’ve got actual data in there, do you really want to be storing it somewhere that lies on their privacy policy? I guess I’ll just have to kill the email address friendster have on me to stop the spam…


  1. roszaidah Says:

    i do not want my e-mail to be published to peopel or e-mails that is not known and regconised to me… i want my e-mail to be protected as it should be.