XML HTTP Request object.

I’ve updated the xml http request request page after a bug report from Stefan Strigler, (thanks!), and to give details about Opera’s new implementation available in the 7.60 preview release.

Unfortunately Opera’s implementation, is buggy and incomplete missing the ability to set headers - at the moment, you’ll need lots of steps to overcome the bugs, but I’m sure they’ll complete a compatible implementation before a full release of 7.60, at the moment, I’d rather it wasn’t there.


  1. Alex Says:

    You claim the HttpRequest object doesn’t have to be used to retrieve XML, but the Apple developer page at http://developer.apple.com/internet/webcontent/xmlhttpreq.html says “Note: It is essential that the data returned from the server be sent with a Content-Type set to text/xml. Content that is sent as text/plain or text/html is not accepted by the instance of the request object.” so even though the data doesn’t have to be valid XML you still have to classify it as text/xml.

  2. Alex Says:

    (great tutorial btw)

  3. Jim Ley Says:

    Alex, if you want xmlhttp.responseXML to be populated with an XML DOM representation then the must be text|application/xml applies, however if you just use plain text or whatever and only want responseText populated, all is fine and you can send with any content type. Hope that explains it.