The talks that didn’t happen…

I’m going to do a full write up of the conference some time soon, but while I remember, here’s a few of the talks I wanted to see but didn’t get a chance too, as the presenters couldn’t make it.

Up first, as I mentioned was Locus (PDF report) hopefully we can get the source code for it, as it’d be great to run this at SVG Open 2005, where the university is covered in wireless. More helpful here in japan perhaps, where the lack of phones (for us visitors) made meeting people all the harder. We had IRC though.

Jonathon Phillips was meant to talk about the Open clipart library, I’d not really looked at the library before, but it’s great, a really high standard of artwork with lots that I can actually see using.

I’m sure there were lots I should’ve seen that did happen, but spent my time in other rooms, I’ll write up the highlights of the ones I did see soon.