I’ve moved to wordpress

I decided the rolled my own blog was simply too crap to continue with, so I took the plunge and installed Wordpress, it all worked pretty well, I have a couple of problems with it - little error protection in the code, when it errors, it barfs them out to the user, not disastrous, hopefully I’ll notice them. Bigger though, it’s XHTML, so I’m serving up XHTML as text/html, sorry about that, but even I’m willing to sacrifice myself to the ease of using a blog tool.

So you can even comment now, be nice, well actually, just don’t link spam me!


  1. gustaf Says:

    Rolling your own is fun, I know. But after a while you realize, why re-invent the wheel?

    I get the feeling that writing your own weblog software will be a rite of passage for lots of web-hackers in the future. That, and writing RSS readers.

  2. Jim Ley Says:

    Yeah, I did have to wait until there was a decent nicely licensed one, like I say Wordpress is great other than the PHP errors, and the XHTMLness (which others probably don’t mind) my rolled own one though did what I want.