Extending IE with behaviors like IE7

I’d always thought from the IE7 idea that Dean Edwards was a little mad, he was making heavy use of behaviors these are absolutely useless in release quality IE code, I spent a lot of my time trying to get rid of them. Maybe he didn’t know, but it turns out he does, so it looks like he’s fully aware what he’s doing, but is happy to carry on regardless. So I’m guessing that yes he is mad.

I hope the WHAT WG people don’t seriously think HTC’s are a viable model for providing any support to IE6, yes they’ll have support, but it’s not support anyone can actually use on the real world, HTC’s are simply not robust enough (and MS ain’t gonna fix them.). Unfortunately though, it really looks like they do think that.


  1. Asbjørn Ulsberg Says:

    But who the heck cares about Internet Explorer anymore, eh? ;-)