Stag Weekends…

Last weekend I went off to Nottingham on a stag weekend for my mate who’s getting married (I guess that was pretty obvious, as I’d not go off for some stranger, and it wouldn’t’ve been a stag weekend if he wasn’t getting married…) We did all the normal stag weekend things - drunk a lot, humiliated the poor stag etc. We also went driving various things - a land-rover off-road on this course, little pilots and these weird quad-bike things - all a good laugh and very, very muddy. I didn’t learn much other than it’s surprisingly easy to drive around at high speed, despite being very hungover and after only 3 hours sleep.

We went to a lapdance club in the evening for an hour or so, and to help with Dan’s humiliation, and I really don’t enjoy these, not on ethical grounds or anything like that. It’s just I don’t feel the girls market themselves right to me - they have a very 1 dimensional idea of what men find attractive. So it’s always high-heels, lots of make-up, skimpy clothing (yes I realise that’s the point - but they do take it off…) These simply are not what I go for - so if you’re looking to attract me to your club - rethink your dress!


  1. James Says:


    I recently went on a stag weekend in Brighton organised by the stag company [I edited this to remove the link, sorry, no link whoring, Jim. ]. We started by stocking up the stag with plenty of absynth in the morning before heading off to an activity center for clay pigeon shooting and a tank ride. The problem was, we had slightly overdone it with the absynth and the stag began to feel dodgy whist on the minibus. Then it happened, Mark chundered all over the floor… The smell was revolting and we were forced to stop the driver to let the stag sort himself out. Mark spent the rest of the afternoon in the minibus…….